miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016

Illegal housing in Spain

Do you want to buy a house in Spain?

Very careful*** !!!

It is possible that the property you want to buy, this built illegally, can have serious consequences.
What is illegal housing?
It is an illegal housing, one that is built on a land that can not be developed, or if it is, but is built without the corresponding legal permits, can also become so when it has modifications in the housing, which has not been requested the permits.
Can an illegal property be registered in the Property Registry?
Yes, it can be registered even if it is illegal, since the registrar does not know if it is or not.
How to know if it is legal or not?
There are several procedures and somewhat complicated for anyone not skilled in real estate, it is best to hire a lawyer or specialized real estate specialist in this matter, so you can make a secure purchase.
If you have a need you can contact us, we can verify if the house you want to buy is fully legalized.
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